Enables you to import goods from the cheapest price country with the most reasonable shipping cost in small capital

We have over 5 year exprience in business import arena.

How it works

We allows anyone to import goods from China even with finite capital. Collecting PayyCoin’s userprovides the power to cut out the middlemen, so the costs involved in importing goods are cheap or even FREE.


Powerfull Mobile and Online App

We provide mobile apps available in Google Play Store and Apple AppStore. Users will be able to get rewards and earn coins by following the activities. .

Feeless Freight Forwarding System

No need to worry about the shipping cost. We grant you cheaper freight forwarding or even free.

PayyCoin Blockchain

Blockchain technology allows users to connect directly to the network peer-to-peer, without intermediaries.

We grant you cheaper freight forwarding or even free.

Free trade agreement certificates between many countries make it easy to buy and sell products between countries borderless. However, not many people know and can take advantage of it. Export difficulties will make many entrepreneurs refrain from selling products abroad. And similar problems occur in importing products from around the world. This problem is a gap exploited by freight forwarding companies to facilitate goods between countries with a large profit.

With PayyCoin, freight forwarding can be very cheap or even free. Users of PayyCoin only think of tax payments that appear according to existing standards. It will keep the prices of the goods competitive.

PayyCoin also collects the entire selection of items from each user and buys them at the same time. So, they do not need large capital because they can import goods in small quantities collectively. PayyCoin expects users to grow from the smallest scale.

We provides secure transactions.

Blockchain technology offers solutions tovarious problems in the field of financial services. With the support of blockchain technology, PayyCoin allows users to connect directly to the network peer-to-peer, without intermediaries. Then, the following questions may arise in your mind.

Many people become victims of hacking in the online business world. PayyCoin has more advantages, which is supported by blockchain. Even if the PayyCoin server is hacked, the user's money is still safe because the protection is on a network called Distributed Ledgerand control it directly from each device.

Our Core Services

The PayyCoin token is used for multiple features within the platform.

Partnership Access

Ownership of PayyCoin will provide access to advanced platform features, and a unique partnership program will help in integrating large companies and institutional players into PayyCoin’s network.

Form of Payment

PayyCoin coin will serve as the primary means of payment within the system, although we will accept and use other types of fiat or cryptocurrencies.

Currency Exchange

PayyCoin coin will support price determination for PayyCoin services. The system will take a fee in PayyCoin coin, and some premium features will be available only by using PayyCoin coin.


Our development completion plans.

Awesome Team

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